Making your property more beautiful can be not only fulfilling, but profitable, also. Making improvements to the house itself or the front lawn is likely to raise the resale value of your property considerably. However, if you want a beautiful yard to add to your propertys’ charms, you should consider the services of a good landscaping contractor. Only by using such services will you be able to achieve your dream landscape design.

Making improvements to your lawn on your own is not a very good idea. Even if you consider yourself an experienced gardener, you should be careful. The devil is in the details, they say, and this applies to landscaping as well. If you happen to make a mistake, you risk your entire lawn! A good landscaper, however, knows how to create an environment that is both pleasant to the eyes, and growing in a healthy way. Such knowledge requires great experience – so here are a few basic tips from us here at VistaScapes, LLC.

Separate your flower beds into layers!

Good positioning of your flower beds will ensure the healthy growth of your flowers. There are many factors to consider when making such arrangements – here is what we recommend:

  • the back row should be composed of the tallest plants, and they should be facing north
  • the middle row should contain plants that are shorter
  • the front row must be composed only of the shortest flowers

Hardscaping is always helpful!

The term ”hardscaping” is used to describe the inanimate landscaping elements – such as woodwork and masonry. Hardscaping not only looks good – it is used to provide structure for the winter season. Make sure you consider a nice fence – it will complete the look of your lawn, and mark the limits of your property.

Use Water!

Adding water features to your landscape design can add much to the atmosphere. Can you imagine anything more relaxing than the sound of running water? Small waterfalls and fountains will surely contribute to your lawn’s beauty.

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