Every landscaper is doing his work in his own way, and each of them come up with different results. That is why it is difficult to know whom to choose, and if he will provide you with the landscaping you desire? With this in mind, I’ve put together in this article, the main responsibilities of a landscaper.

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Landscape design.
VistaScapes, LLC's work vehicleOne of the most important landscaper’s responsibilities is to provide a design that is beautiful, functional and affordable. They have the knowledge and experience to design outdoors areas whether they are for a home, a business, or for public areas. A true landscape designer will take into consideration the size and layout of the area, the climate, any natural features that are already present, and most important, the desires and tastes of the client.

Also in the designer’s attributes are found actions such as choosing the plants and trees, designing pounds and fountains, walkways and patios as well as benches and arbors. Everything will be presented visually to the client in the form of a landscape design.

Once the client approves the plan, the landscaper will make sure to arrange the acquisition of materials, as well as proper installation. He can do this either through his team or either through subcontractors.


When it comes to landscaping maintenance and yard care, a landscaper can provide any of the following services:

  • install sprinklers and any other form of irrigation that is needed;
  • complete yard care;
  • lawn maintenance. This may include mowing the lawn, applying fertilizer, aerating the lawn and raking leaves;
  • some companies provide packages which include landscaping maintenance after installation;
  • in cold seasons, landscapers can provide services like snow plowing and snow removal;

Plant nurseries.

The work truck of VistaScapes, LLCSome landscapers work in close consultation with garden centers and plant nurseries, caring for plants, bushes, trees and shrubs. Hiring such a landscaper for your landscape design is a very big advantage because they will not only design and acquire the plants but they will also advice you on proper maintenance.

Some other landscaping companies can offer pest control services. This means that they are experienced in applying herbicides and pesticides in order to eradicate weeds, insects or any other disturbing issues in your yard.

Vista Scapes LLC offers all the services mentioned above and even more. If you want to hire a professional landscaper in Las Cruces and Roswell NM they are the ones to call at (575) 317-6371. Let them help you design the landscaping of your dream.